Shopkins Tall Mall Playset Review

Shopkins Tall Mall Playset - Toy for kids age 3+
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Shopkins Tall Mall Playset - Toy for kids age 3+

Every year several toy retailers, online and off, release a “hot toys” list for the holiday season. They poll kids from around the world in cities large and small, asking them what toys they are dreaming of for the upcoming holidays.

They spend a lot of money researching exactly what toys your kids are going to be asking for.

On several of those lists in 2016 is the Shopkins Tall Mall Playset, the subject of this review.

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  • Transforming mall playset that goes from tall to small
  • Includes Tall Mall elevator
  • Home and Garden Center
  • Food Court and Petkins Pet Parlor
  • Comes with 4 exclusive Shopkins not available anywhere else

Shopkins Tall Mall Playset - Toy for kids age 3+





A search for the phrase “Shopkins toys” on Google reveals more than 7 million results. That means a lot of toy retailers are paying very good money to advertise their Shopkins products. In the billion dollar toy industry, toy manufacturers and sellers don’t spend big advertising dollars unless they know it will pay dividends.

In the world of holiday toys, the Moose Toys company has carved out a profitable and popular niche with their Shopkins toy and clothing line which mostly appeals to young girls. The toys the company makes revolve around grocery stores, malls and “big box” retailers.

The small rubber character pieces, called Shopkins, enter their 6th season as popular holiday toys. In 2015, the Toy Industry Association named the Shopkins line of toys their Girl Toy of the Year (TOTY).

In 2016, it appears the shopping-themed toys and playsets will continue to be a great holiday seller, as the Shopkins Tall Mall Playset has been named to several “hot toy” holiday lists.

This mall playset transforms from small to tall, making it easy to carry and not taking up too much space in storage. When it is fully extended, children have 3 levels of shopping fun at their disposal. Your child’s favorite Shopkins characters can ride the Tall Mall elevator, and visit a Home and Garden Center, Food Court and Petkins Pet Parlor.


If you are a collector of Shopkins characters, you will definitely want to pick up this playset. There are 4 exclusive characters not available anywhere else.

That is also going to be a selling point that your child is probably already well aware of.

You can definitely find a less expensive playset, however, if your child is a Shopkins lover or you collect these small, plastic characters which can become rather valuable in collectors’ circles, a purchase here is definitely merited.

The fact that the Shopkins Tall Mall Playset has been named to so many end of year holiday hot toy lists means that supply may not keep up with demand. Get yours early!



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