SELFIE MIC Music Set Review

SELFIE MIC Music Set - Suitable for kids ages 8-15
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SELFIE MIC Music Set - Suitable for kids ages 8-15
Cellphones are very common possessions for kids today. Parents want to be able to get in contact with their children whenever they need them, a phone gives a child a sense of independence, and knowing your child can reach out for help in an instant provides a much desired feeling of safety.

The selfie, like cell phones themselves, is ubiquitous. It seems that everywhere people are sharing pictures of themselves, and what they are doing.

The SELFIE MIC Music Set, from the appropriately named SELFIE MIC company, allows your child to record video and still shots while singing along to his or her favorite tunes.

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  • Allows access to hundreds of popular songs
  • New songs are added frequently
  • Microphone, selfie stick, access cable and instruction sheet included
  • 1,000 tokens included for purchasing music
  • StarMaker app turns your smart phone into a karaoke machine

SELFIE MIC Music Set - Fun for kids ages 8-15


A lot of children love music. They are frequently listening to their favorite tunes on MP3 players, smart phones and tablets. What is the most natural inclination when you are hearing music that you love? You want to sing! The SELFIE MIC Music Set boosts your child’s self-esteem, creativity, imagination and originality, and makes singing while taking selfie snapshots and videos possible.

For a bargain price (and frequently found on Amazon as a Prime eligible product on sale), this makes the perfect stocking stuffer for the holiday season. What you may want to bear in mind is that the SELFIE MIC Music Set has made its way onto several 2016 hot toy lists. Along with its extremely accessible price tag, this means demand is going to be sky-high, so buy your gifts early.

Songs have to be purchased through the StarMaker app that is downloaded to a smart phone. You start off with 1,000 free credits, and it takes approximately 20 to 50 credits to purchase an individual song That means that out-of-the-box your child can download as many as 20 to 50 popular songs.

Fits almost all modern smart phones, and also works with the iPod Touch. You download the application, choose the songs you want to sing, put your phone on the selfie stick and follow the prompts. In no time, your kids are singing their favorite tunes, while recording the experience live.


This is an extremely easy-to-use item. It is lightweight, and though there are instructions included, most kids will be up and running without even looking at them. When you consider the exceptionally affordable price tag, you may want to pick up several of these, for all the little performers in your life.

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