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Educational Toys

Best Telescopes For Kids – Buyers Guide

More kids than ever are interested in science and astronomy, and what’s more magical than getting your very first telescope. We have reviewed a whole lot of telescopes to find out which ones are the best telescopes for kids. All of the selected telescopes are easy to use, have quality …
Educational Toys

Best Science Toys For Kids 2018

Science does not have to be all about boring old guys in sweater vests! That is right, today we are looking at the best science toys for kids. We know that mixing learning with playing does not always go down well with kids. But we have made sure to only …
Educational Toys

Best Microscopes For Kids 2018

This week we are looking at the 8 best microscopes for kids. A microscope definitely is one of the better STEM toys for a child as it encourages a child’s interest in science and biology and they are lots of fun as well. Many parents or grandparents would love to …