Fisher-Price Power Wheels Wild Thing Ride On Review

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Wild Thing Ride On - Toy for kids ages 5-10
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Fisher-Price Power Wheels Wild Thing Ride On - Toy for kids ages 5-10

Power Wheels is known for making great motorized vehicles for children. They work hard to make their products safe, parental control features are always present, and your child enjoys a fun sense of independence and a boost of self-esteem while enjoying zooming along at safe, controlled speeds.

2016 has seen the release of the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Wild Thing Ride On with a relatively affordable price tag, so let’s fire it up and take it for a virtual spin.

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* Go forward, reverse, and spin in 360 degree circles
* This ride on vehicle can travel up to 5 mph in forward speed
* 3 parental control speed settings included
* Special sensor keeps the vehicle from tipping
* For kids aged 5 to 10 years

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Wild Thing Ride On - Toy for kids 5-10 years oldbuy


Do you remember learning to drive a two-wheeled bike as a kid? That incredible sense of independence you felt was probably only surpassed years later when you bought your first car or truck. There is just something about rolling down the road in your own vehicle that boosts self-esteem and independence, and is just downright fun at the same time.

That is what you give your children with a gift of the the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Wild Thing Ride On. With a steel frame, you get a quality, extremely durable vehicle that can provide family enjoyment for years.

The extra-wide seat ensures that your 5 to 10-year-old can fit comfortably. Dual joysticks provide 360 degree spinning action, and if you are concerned that your child will be flying down the road too fast, this vehicle maxes out at a 5 mph forward speed, and 3 mph in reverse.

The joysticks control forward and backward movement, while the large, durable, gripping tires guarantee effective movement over a wide variety of terrains.

Parents will like the fact that there is the ability to control speed settings, on a panel located beneath the driver’s seat. Also, a stability sensor keeps your little ones from tipping over during “high-speed” turns.

Your children will like the fact that the Fisher-Price Power Wheels Wild Thing Ride On has been given a modern, high-tech appearance and design.

On the downside, it is not recommended for kids over 100 pounds.

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Your purchase includes the spinning vehicle itself, a 12 full battery and a charger. This should not be considered a toy. It is a motorized, wheeled vehicle that provides safe and independent fun for your kids.

Expect a price tag of a few hundred, and make sure you buy yours soon.

This Power Wheels Ride on vehicle has rolled its way onto several holiday season hot toy lists, so demand is going to be extreme.

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