Perfect Exotic Racer RC Car Review

Perfect Exotic Racer RC Car
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Perfect Exotic Racer RC Car

If your kids love to play with remote controlled toys, then the Perfect Exotic Racer RC Car can be a great choice for them.

This stylish toy race car with high gloss paint and flashing LED wheels and underbelly looks like the dashing Ferrari F430.

Even adult car enthusiast will appreciate its sleek design.

The car moves in all directions and controlled by two easy to use remote control joysticks to propel the car forward, backward, left and right.

The underbelly and wheels light up with flashing LED light when the car is in motion and transforms it into a spectacular rolling light show during the night.

This toy car also has adjustable front wheel alignment on the rubber grip chrome rimmed wheels and is a perfect collector’s item.


The Perfect Exotic Racer operates on 4AA size batteries while the remote control uses a 9 volts battery.

In terms of size, the toy car measures 8 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches (L x W x H) and weighs 15.2 ounces. It operates between 49 MHZ and 27 MHZ frequency, uses a telescopic antenna on the remote controller and runs for approximately 10 minutes.

Features include:

•    Flashing LED lights on the wheels and underbelly of the car
•    Remote control transmitter that controls forward/backward, left/right movement.
•    Front wheel adjustable alignment and rubber grip tires on chrome rims


The Perfect Exotic Racer is manufactured to high quality engineering standards to the extent that the retailer offers you 30 days return policy for people who are not satisfied with the product.

This product is very affordable, made with durable high quality material and offers value for your money.


•    The car has a stylish bright-colored design and rubber tires that provide a good grip on different type of surfaces.

•    The remote controller is easy to operate and can propel the car in all directions.

•    The flashing LED wheels and underbelly lighting offer a spectacular display during the night.

•    The product is recommended for children aged 3 years and above but adults also find it entertaining and fun to play with.


•    The battery on the remote control is not rechargeable and replacing the battery can prove to be expensive over time.


The Perfect Exotic Racer RC Car is a fancy remote controlled toy made by an experienced and trusted manufacturer of toy products. It’s designed to meet the highest quality and standards possible.

It provides entertainment for children as well as adults and has an easy to use remote controller that can move the car in all directions.

The LED lighting on the wheels and underbelly provides a captivating sight at night to add to the glamour of a well-designed and engineered toy.

Overall, this remote controlled car offers value for the price considering the high quality materials and engineering standards involved in its production.


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