Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster Review

Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster
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Nerf N-Strike Elite HyperFire Blaster


The N-Strike Elite has been touted as the fastest firing Nerf-Gun this year.

It’s arguably one of the best Nerf guns of 2016, and much like previous Nerf guns from the Elite line of blasters, this model delivers great performance, speed, and accuracy.

It’s an automatic Nerf gun that actually functions.


The N-Strike HyperFire is an automatic Nerf gun that can release up to 5 darts per second thanks to its motorized flywheel motor.

It’s the perfect weapon to reign down on unsuspecting opponents with a surprise burst of rapid fire.

Hasbro claims that the gun can launch darts as far as 90 feet, which is equivalent to 27m. The drum magazine only holds 25 darts, which you can deplete in a span of about 5 seconds if you are not careful on the trigger.

Other features of this automatic Nerf blaster include:

•    Easy Setup
Putting this Nerf blaster together is a piece of cake. All you have to do is load the darts, clip the drum in place, and inset the 4 D batteries into the stock. There is a jam door on top of the barrel that pops open for easy accessibility. If you have never used a Nerf blaster before, there is no need to worry since this gun comes with an instruction booklet for guidance.

•    Ergonomic Design
Young kids may find this Nerf gun rather large and uncomfortable to hold. However, it fits well in the hands of users aged 8 and above. The blaster has many ergonomic features that give it a nice feel. It features a trigger well, thumb-hole and hand hole, where the drum clip release and rev switch are mounted. Although the blaster may tilt backward due to weight of the 4 D size batteries mounted at the back, it is easy to hold when resting the stock at shoulder level. Below the muzzle there is a grooved fore grip that also that helps to shoulder the gun’s weight.

•    Designed With Accuracy In Mind
The cheek rest on top of the stock is a nice touch. A plastic tab on the tactical rail top may also be used as a built-in iron sight. Both of these fixtures greatly assist with aiming so that shooters can fire darts with better accuracy.


For parents with small kids or teenagers who are huge Nerf-gun fans or into closed quarter combat, the Nerf-Strike Elite HyperFire is a great toy to have.

The firing range makes it ideal to use both outdoors and indoors, although the latter setting is preferable to avoid losing darts.


•    Shoots darts at an impressive distance of 90 feet
•    Fast and accurate
•    Provides a comfortable grip
•    Features a great look
•    Smooth clip mechanism


•    This model is heavier than your average Nerf gun
•    Required 4D batteries are sold separately
•    Takes time to reload


While the N-Strike Elite HyperFire blaster may have a few drawbacks, it nonetheless provides fun play and feels comfortable to use.

The blaster is well designed overall as evidenced by the many 5-star ratings that most buyers give it.

And the best part is that the price tag is quite affordable for a fully automatic motorized Nerf gun.



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