Paw Patrol Tracker’s Cruiser Jungle Rescue Vehicle and Pup Review

Paw Patrol Tracker’s Cruiser Jungle Rescue Vehicle and Pup
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Paw Patrol Tracker’s Cruiser Jungle Rescue Vehicle and Pup Check Price For the Paw Patrol Cruiser on Amazon

Tracker is a brave Chihuahua pup from Nickelodeon’s acclaimed animated series “Paw Patrol”.

The adorable puppy and his cruiser jeep are the most recent release of the Paw Patrol collection, and detailed and with real working wheels for speed, the toy is already a sensation among fans.


Brought to life by Wildflower Enterprises, the action vehicle is well-constructed and high quality materials ensure durability.

Being an action toy, Tracker and his jeep can be pushed around and stand speed, bumps, mud, rocks, and water.

The package includes

  • Tracker the Chihuahua pup
  • Vehicle with real working wheels


Tracker is a well-loved character in the series and children all around the world adore him.

The vehicle has real working wheels so Tracker can race along with the rest of the Paw Patrol.

The design on the vehicle is painted instead of merely using stickers, so even if the vehicle is treated roughly the paint won’t come off. This is a great feature since small children tend to toss such toys around.

Just take note that this toy is not suitable for children under 3 years.

Paw Patrol Tracker’s Cruiser Jungle Rescue, Vehicle and Pup

buyCustomer Reviews

Customers who bought the toy are satisfied with the quality and price. However, some of them complained about the size of the toy compared to the rest of the characters on the Paw Patrol Collection.

Other customers are ok with the size of the figure; Tracker the Chihuahua pup is indeed the smallest racer in the Paw Patrol series, so it kind of makes sense for the actual toy be smaller than the rest of the Paw Patrol members.

Some buyers even say the toy should be smaller in order to be more accurate with the animated version.

Unlike other Paw Patrol character’s vehicles, apart from the wheels, the vehicle has no moving parts. The movement of Tracker the Chihuahua is also limited to the head and legs.

The back of the box claims that the figure can ride in the back of the vehicle, but it doesn’t appear to fit well.

Apart from this minor detail, most customers are pleased with their purchase. The quality is great and their kids were delighted to add one of the most popular characters of the Paw Patrol series to their collection.


Tracker the Chihuahua and his Jungle Rescue Vehicle is the most recent release of the Paw Patrol collection, and it has seen huge success among kids who love Nickelodeon’s Paw Patrol series.

It is well made with high quality materials, which ensures durability.

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