Disney Princess Pink Carriage Review

Disney Princess Pink Carriage - Pink Ride on toy for kids age 3+
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Just when you thought you had seen all the ride on toys there are, along comes the Disney Princess Pink Carriage! Does this cute little coach ride-on toy for 2 turn into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight?

Let’s review this cute pink ride on toy for two and see!

Disney Princess Pink Carriage - Pink Ride on toy for kids age 3+

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  • Weight limit 130 lb
  • Suitable for kids ages 3+
  • Speed settings for low and high and a reverse setting
  • Max. speed 5 mph
  • Internal 24 volt battery
  • Wear and share tiara; one tiara for the carriage, one for your little Princess
  • 4 real working coach lights (requires batteries)
  • A Light up wand with lights and sounds
  • Purple heart-shaped steering wheel with horn that lights up and plays music
  • Purple toy trunk in the back
  • Purple seat with 2 seat-belts
  • Heart-shaped back window
  • Decorated with Disney Princess graphics


24 Volt Rechargeable Disney Princess Pink Carriage,Can Fit 2 Children

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The Disney Princess carriage ride on is a hot pink carriage made for 2. It’s build on a very sturdy purple base with ornate wheels.

On the sides of the coach below the doors, you’ll find graphics of the Disney Princesses like Snow white, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty and of course Cinderella!

Disney Princess Pink Carriage Love the gold coach lights and the heart shaped back window!

The carriage is decorated with gold details like the coach lights, the door handles (they really open), the stars on the wheels and the tiara on the roof.

All 4 coach lights are real working! There’s a little button underneath each one to turn them on.

On the inside there’s a purple seat with 2 restraints and a heart shaped window at the back. What I really like are the sheer purple curtains with little ribbons to tie them back.

Disney Princess Pink Carriage Insert the magic wand and the carriage will light up!

The carriage comes with a little wand, that goes into the dashboard. When you insert the wand, lights light up the carriage and it makes a beautiful fairy tale sounds.

To ride the carriage there’s a speed stick with 3 settings: low, high and reverse. To go forward, you need to press the paddle below and to stop you just release the paddle.

Disney Princess Pink Carriage has a heart-shaped steering wheel with a button that plays music and lights up!

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The steering wheel is heart shaped and has a button that lights up and plays music.

In the back of the vehicle there’s a little trunk for your princess to store her toys and below the trunk there’s the internal battery to charge the carriage.


The Disney Princess Pink Carriage needs to be assembled and charged before use.

The reviews on the assembly process are mixed: some people said it was a breeze and others called it a pain. Most people who said it was easy had some help, so I would definitely recommend getting someone to help you assemble the pink carriage

You’ll need 2 AA batteries batteries for the steering wheel horn and 8 AAA batteries for the coach lanterns. Don´t forget these, because they’re not included and it’s part of the magic!

Tip 1: This is a big ride on toy, so make sure you assemble this carriage in a the garage or any other place where you’re sure it can fit through the door!

Tip 2: If this toy is a gift, make sure it’s assembled and charged before the big day, so your child can play with it right away!

Charging the Battery

After assembly the battery needs to be charged for the first time, which will take a full 18 hours.

Every subsequent charge will be 12 hours, but don’t keep it plugged in for more than 30 hours!

You’ll find the battery at the back of the carriage. It’s built in, so you can just plug and charge.

A full battery will last for 45 minutes run time.


  • A beautiful detailed ride on toy. The pictures don’t do it justice in my opinion!
  • Fits 2 kids, so ideal for play with a friend or sister
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to handle, kids learn to use this toy fast
  • Includes real working lights and plays music


  • Assembly takes a while and the curtains are the most difficult part.
  • Some buyers complained of the power cord being a bit to short
  • Charging time is long. Kids LOVE this toy and might be disappointed when it has to charge mid play


Despite the somewhat difficult assembly, this is great ride-on toy for girls who love Disney Princess. The Disney Princess Pink Carriage is sturdy and beautifully detailed.

Kids love dressing up in a Disney Princess outfit and ride around the yard with it. This toy will sell out this Christmas!

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