Zoomer Chimp Review

Zoomer Chimp - Interactive toy for kids age 5-10
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Zoomer Chimp - Interactive toy for kids age 5-10

During the 2016 toy fair, Spin Master unveiled another robotic pet known as Zoomer Chimp. This toy lives up to other previous similar models such as Dino, Kitty and Dog.

The chimp has wheels for the hands and feet, a signature feature from the Zoomer line of toys.

This interactive robotic pet comes with many surprises that will captivate kids and offer fun playtime.

Here is a quick Zoomer Chimp review to help you discover what to expect from this toy.

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Zoomer Chimp Features

Spin Master recommends Zoomer Chimp to kids aged 5 years and above.

One great aspect about this toy is that it is delivered with all the required accessories. In addition to the robotic pet toy, the box will include 1 rechargeable LiPo battery, USB charging cable, an instruction booklet, and reference guide.

Below is a rundown of all the features to expect.

•    Moves like a real Chimp: Zoomer Chimp may have wheels for hands and feet, but he easily moves on all fours. He can also stand upright without toppling thanks to Spin Master’s True Balance Technology.

•    Responsive to voice commands: Kids can train their own Chimp with up to 10 voice commands. Zoomer will dance, roll around and do all manner of tricks when given simple voice commands such as “flip”, “stand”, “go bananas”, “let dance” and “chimp talk”.

•    Facial expressions: Another great feature about Zoomer Chimp is that he has a very expressive face. His eyes light up depending on his mood. So, kids will know when Zoomer Chimp is happy or needs some cheering up.

•    Progressive play design: Spin Master uses what they call progressive play design, a special type of technology that lets Zoomer Chimp adapt to various voice commands and respond in different ways. As a result, Zoomer Chimp’s reactions are unpredictable. This means kids will not get bored easily but will rather look forward to discovering what other new tricks their Zoomer Chimp has in store for them.

Zoomer Chimp - Progressive interactive toy for kids 5-10 years old.

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Who Would Buy This Toy?

For parents with kids who are into robotics, the Zoomer Chimp pet toy would be a great gift to give this holiday season.

The realistic movements and expressive facial expressions of the Chimp will captivate kids and provide them with hours of fun play.

This toy can also be a great addition to any kid’s collection of Zoomer toys.


  • Toy runs on rechargeable batteries that are included in the package
  • Zoomer Chimp is a playful toy with tons of awesome tricks
  • Voice commands make this toy interactive and fun to play with
  • The Zoomer Chimp is expressive and has a cheeky personality


  • The toy could break if toppled from tabletops
  • Wall adaptor for the USB cable not included


Much like other toys from the Zoomer line, the Zoomer Chimp’s best feature comes from the engaging interactivity it offers.

Kids get to feel like their robotic primate friend is getting to know them thanks to the responsiveness they get in return when playing with their Zoomer Chimp.

Overall, this toy is well built and offers good value for the price.

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