WowWee CHiP Interactive Robot Pet Dog Review

WowWee CHiP Interactive Robot Pet Dog - Cute robot puppy for kids 6-15 years old
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WowWee CHiP Interactive Robot Pet Dog - Cute robot puppy for kids 6-15 years old
Has your child been begging for a puppy? Well, if that’s the case, and you’re unsure if he/she is ready to take ownership of a real-live animal, then you should buy a robot dog before you buy a puppy!

A robot dog will help your child to learn to handle the puppy responsibly.

With that in mind, one of the best products that you can purchase for your kid is WowWee CHiP Interactive Robot Pet Dog.

The robot dog comes with various features that will make even adults fall in love with it.

Just like a normal dog, this robot dog sits, fetches, speaks and responds to commands thus making it a perfect companion to your kid.

If you have been looking for a robot dog that will engage your child and keep her or him entertained all day long, then do not look beyond this product.

You also won’t need to dig deep into your pocket in order to purchase this toy because you can find it at affordable prices online.

WowWee CHiP Interactive Robot Pet Dog has all the lovable qualities that you will find in a real dog.

The robot knows how to show your child affection so that he or she sits comfortably as you continue to undertake your home chores.

WowWee CHiP Interactive Robot Pet Dog
The SmartBand allows CHiP to recognize and follow you.

You can teach the dog new tricks from time to time too.

WowWee CHiP Interactive Robot Pet Dog

You can roll the ball of the robot and he will bring the same back within the a few seconds.

In addition, you can pick up his front legs up and then have him dance with the ball. Your child can rub the nose of the robot on his or hers to have him nuzzle right back.

In simple words, WowWee CHiP Interactive Robot Pet Dog is a robot that your child will definitely adore.


  • Chip is a smart, trainable and affectionate robot dog
  • The robot dog weighs 2.2 pounds making it one of the lightest products you can buy for your child
  • Robot dimensions are 15-inch x 8.7-inch x 11.8-inch
  • The device comes with a 1 Lithium Polymer Battery that helps in powering the same for hours.
  • It can respond to your touch, thanks to the Chip App included in the package
  • Once his battery runs low, the robot returns to his Smartbed in order to recharge himself
  • When getting started with the toy, you will have to download the latest application for Chip at no cost.

WowWee CHiP Interactive Robot Pet Dog

CHiP automatically returns to his Smartbed when the battery starts to run low.


In conclusion, WowWee CHiP Interactive Robot Pet Dog is an affectionate, lightweight, adorable, trainable and unique robot toy that can be used to entertain your child.

Instead of leaving your child bored for hours without knowing what he or she can do, simply purchase this product for him or her.

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