Sky Viper V2400 HD Streaming Drone with FPV Headset Review

Sky Viper V2400 HD Streaming Drone with FPV Headset - Toy for kids age 12+
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Sky Viper V2400 HD Streaming Drone with FPV Headset - Toy for kids age 12+

Drones have been a hit now as a holiday gift for the last couple of years. The Sky Viper V2400 HD Streaming Drone with FPV Headset looks to be a frequently requested gift this year, as it delivers tons of high-dollar features with a low-dollar price tag.

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* Recommended for ages 12 and up
* Lightweight, durable, reliable Duraflex composite body
* ViperFlight+ firmware means stable flying
* Headset lets you see the view from the sky
* 650 mAh 3.7V lithium-polymer battery and USB charging cable included

Sky Viper Fury Stunt Drone, Black/Green



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Every year toy manufacturers and retailers release their “hot toy” lists for the holidays. These are those toys, games, dolls and other items that they have noticed are extremely popular with children. One such list released every year is the Toys “R” Us Fabulous 15 Hot Toys List.

Toys “R” Us also mentions 40 toys and games that they feel are going to be on the lips of every child when the gift-giving season rolls around. However, their Fabulous 15 are the cream of the crop, almost guaranteed to be in very high demand, and possibly in short supply.

This year the Sky Viper V2400 HD Streaming Drone with FPV Headset has made it onto that Fab 15. Here are some of the reasons why.

The price tag makes multiple purchases possible. Only a year ago, you would have to pay $250 or more for a similar drone. Expect about half of that price for this product, which comes packed with features found on more expensive models. One such feature is the First Person View (FPV) headset.

This product is at the bargain-basement level compared with all other drones. Even so, this first-person view capability is something you usually have to pay a lot more money for. The headset allows you to see the world as your flying drone does. That means no more recording video that you have to edit later because you don’t know what view you are capturing.

Also, the built-in camera provides high-definition resolution. Instead of just using this drone for its video capabilities, which are excellent, this high-tech flier performs 8 tricks that are programmed in to be one-touch simple.


When you’re first starting out, the Auto Launch, Auto Hover and Auto Land features are your best friend. They make it easy to learn how to pilot this vehicle until you get the hang of it. Extra features like a flight simulator application, auto shutdown, improved flight range, persistent trim memory, and manual/auto altitude settings help make the budget-friendly price tag even more attractive.

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