Best Kids Play Tents

Best Kids Play Tents
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Best Kids Play Tents

Today we are reviewing 10 of the best kids play tents. Back in our day you had two kinds of play tents for kids:

One that you built yourself out of your moms old sheets and one that had so many poles and other parts that by the time you had built it, you had outgrown it!

Well do not worry as kids these days have it easier and there is a great choice of kids play tents out there. That’s why we have put together this list of the best kids play tents. We have tents for boys and girls on this list so please have a look and find that perfect tent for your child.

Top 10 Best Kids Play Tents

PictureModelAge Range
[easyazon_image align="none" height="110" identifier="B01MA2ZFA7" locale="US" src="" tag="kidsdimension-20" width="110"][easyazon_link identifier="B01MA2ZFA7" locale="US" tag="kidsdimension-20"]Princess Castle Play Tent With LED Star Lights[/easyazon_link]1+
[easyazon_image align="none" height="107" identifier="B00ZT2KXLA" locale="US" src="" tag="kidsdimension-20" width="110"][easyazon_link identifier="B00ZT2KXLA" locale="US" tag="kidsdimension-20"]Red Fire Engine Truck Pop-Up Play Tent- with Side Door Entrance[/easyazon_link]3+
[easyazon_image align="none" height="72" identifier="B00083DD4O" locale="US" src="" tag="kidsdimension-20" width="110"][easyazon_link identifier="B00083DD4O" locale="US" tag="kidsdimension-20"]Safari Dome Tent and Crawl Tunnel, Indoor / Outdoor[/easyazon_link]3-10 Years
[easyazon_image align="none" height="110" identifier="B00LP3ZSTY" locale="US" src="" tag="kidsdimension-20" width="110"][easyazon_link identifier="B00LP3ZSTY" locale="US" tag="kidsdimension-20"]Playhut Disney's Frozen - Elsa's Ice Castle[/easyazon_link]3-12 Years
[easyazon_image align="none" height="110" identifier="B0065KZEZU" locale="US" src="" tag="kidsdimension-20" width="110"][easyazon_link identifier="B0065KZEZU" locale="US" tag="kidsdimension-20"]Playhut Thomas the Train Play Vehicle[/easyazon_link]3-9 Years
[easyazon_image align="none" height="110" identifier="B001US2C1G" locale="US" src="" tag="kidsdimension-20" width="110"][easyazon_link identifier="B001US2C1G" locale="US" tag="kidsdimension-20"]Playhut Beauty Boutique Play Hut[/easyazon_link]3-9 Years

Beauty Boutique Play Hut

Beauty Boutique Play Hut

Aimed at girls 3 and above the Beauty Boutique Play Hut is one very adorable little play tent. Little girls will love this as they can get their nails done, or even get a quick haircut.

It stands at a little over 3 feet high so there is a nice amount of room in here for the kids as they grow. We are sure they will love the boutique design and have a lot of fun playing shop with their little friends or stuffed toys. It even has a real hinged door, curtains and a couple of little windows that they can peak out of.

One of the best things though is how easy it is to set up. This play tent has a spring frame which simply pops open and that’s all there is to do. Once playtime is finished it folds back up and that’s all!

Disney’s Frozen Playhut – Elsa’s Ice Castle

Disney's Frozen Playhut - Elsa's Ice Castle

This is one of the most elaborate pop up tents we have ever seen. Elsa’s Ice Castle play hut is made to resemble Elsa’s castle in Frozen. It has a large mountain at the front and then there are two different sections to the tent! This is double the fun as it gives them more space to play and more room to put toys inside.

The tent really does have a great look and any little girl who loves Frozen is going to want to spend all their time in here. Due to the decoration on the top this is quite a tall tent as it stands 6 feet high, but that just adds to its awesomeness. It even comes with a Frozen light so that they can illuminate the tent which is a very nice bonus.

The Frozen play tent is very easy to set up as it just pops open and then folds away again for easy storage. This is for little princesses aged 3 and up.

Sunroof Princess Castle Play Tent with Tunnel

Sunroof Princess Castle Play Tent with Tunnel


The Sunroof Princess Castle Play Tent with Tunnel is the kind of play tent that really is going to provide a lot of fun and some great memories. We love the castle design as it gives the kids extra headroom inside.

So while the recommended age is 3 and up, chances are this will last a lot longer as they will not outgrow it as quick as some of the smaller play tents. Of course it is not just the actual tent that makes this such a great place to play. There is a super secret tunnel that they can climb through! So while they can come in the castle doors, if they need to make a quick escape there’s always the tunnel.

This is an adorable play tent, it’s sturdy, portable and easy to set up and considering the size it’s being sold for a very reasonable price.

Thomas the Train Play Tent

Thomas the Train Play Tent

Thomas never seems to go out of style now does he? The Thomas the Train Play Tent is the perfect play tent for kids who love Thomas.

What we really like about this tent is how it is not just a square with pictures of Thomas all over it. It is literally a tent that is shaped liked Thomas and to a Thomas fan this will be the coolest thing ever.

This is a pop up tent so it is easy to set up and then it just folds away into the bag once they have finished whatever adventure they were on.

We know this looks huge, but do not worry it does not take up the whole living room as it is only 4 feet long and 3 feet high. So while it provides plenty of room for the kids to play, you do not have to worry about Thomas taking over the whole house.

Like most other pop up tents here the Thomas the Train Play Tent is recommended for kids aged 3 and up.

Kids Safari Fun Dome Play Tent by Pacific Play Tents

Kids Safari Fun Dome Play Tent by Pacific Play Tents

The Kids Safari Fun Dome Play Tent is one of the cutest play tents that is on this list of best kids play tents. We love the jungle design and have no doubt at all that the kids will love the animals that are all over this tent.

Inside the tent the kids have a good amount of room as it is over 3 feet wide and high so they can easily fit a few friends and a whole load of toys inside here.

The main attraction though is that 4 foot long tunnel. Just think of all the fun they can have with this. They can crawl through it, pretending they are escaping a crocodile or they can even use it as a hiding spot when you are telling them it is time for dinner!

The Kids Safari Fun Dome Play Tent is made for children aged 3 and up and thanks to it being a pop up tent it could not be any easier to set up and then take down once playtime is over.

Kids Space Module Dome Tent by Pacific Play Tents

Kids Space Module Dome Tent by Pacific Play Tents

Pretending they are astronauts, floating around in outer space or fighting off aliens is just something that all little boys love to do. That’s why we feel this is such a great play tent.

The Kids Space Module Dome Tent has the look of a lunar shuttle that would make its way down to the moon!  It will also really spark their imagination and get them to come up with all kinds of exciting space travel scenarios.

This is a very well made play tent which has a recommended age of 3 and up. The tent is very easy to set up and take down which is always a nice touch. We believe this is a great play tent that offers unlimited imaginative play opportunities. It also makes a fantastic gift for a space loving future astronaut!

Red Fire Engine Truck Play Tent

Red Fire Engine Truck Play Tent

The next one on our list of best kids play tents is a boys favorite! The Red Fire Engine Truck Play Tent is one of the larger play tents on this list as it is over 4 and a half feet long! This is a really well designed play tent with plenty of room inside for your kids to make use of.

The fire truck play tent has a large side door and a whole host of mesh windows that let them peak outside and see if anyone needs saving. This fire engine play tent with its cool fire engine design is just something that kids are really going to love.

Setting up this tent really is a piece of cake. You just take it out the bag and pop it up. To take it down, you just put the walls down and fold it up so that it fits in the bag.

Princess Castle Play Tent With LED Star Lights – Best Kids Play Tents

Princess Castle Play Tent With LED Star Lights - Best Kids Play Tents

Here we have a play tent made for little princesses. We really love the look of the Princess Castle Play Tent and we would go as far to say that this is the classiest looking play tent on this list.

We love the castle design, but it also has a kind of gazebo look to it as well. It offers over 4 feet of floor space and stands at just over 4 feet high as well so they will have a lot of room in here.

What we really like about this play tent is the way all the walls can be fully opened up. This is great if it’s hot outside. At the same time they can be all put down if your child wants a little privacy for one of her secret princess meetings.

To complete the princess look this tent also comes with LED star lights which gives it an even more fairy tale kind of appearance. This is a tent that is great for kids as young as 1.

One of the best things about this princess castle play tent is how easy it is to set up. Making it an even more attractive play tent. This is our winner in the category best play tents for girls.

Big Mouth Caterpillar Play Tent

Big Mouth Caterpillar Play Tent

Next in line on our list for best best kids play tents is the Big Mouth Caterpillar Play Tent. Which is just fantastic! How can you look at this and not smile? This is for preschool aged children and we can tell you that they are going to fall in love with Big Mouth Caterpillar right away.

Inside his mouth is a little play tent that may not be the largest, but the long tunnel that makes up his body more than makes up for this! Kids will have a lot of fun going into his mouth and then climbing out the other end.

The Big Mouth Caterpillar play tent also is a breeze to set up. You take it out of its carrying case and it just pops right out. To put it away you just twist and fold it and it will fit right back in. You can literally have this set up in under a minute.

This is just a really fun play tent and if you have young children this one should definitely be on your list.

3 Piece Kids Play Tent Tunnel and Ball Pit with Basketball Hoop

3 Piece Kids Play Tent Tunnel and Ball Pit with Basketball Hoop

The last tent we have a look at is the 3 Piece Kids Play Tent Tunnel which includes a ball pit and a basketball hoop. This versatile play tent looks much more like a whole playground than just a tent. This simply had to be on our list of best kids play tents as it offers so much.

Let’s start at the entrance which has a good sized play tent for them to hang out in. This part though has a tunnel which connects it to another much larger area which can be filled with balls to make an epic ball pit! Now the balls are not included, but these can be picked up very cheaply. To add to the fun they even put in a little basketball hoop that they can throw the balls through.

This really is an amazing play tent and even with its huge size it still just pops out and then folds away.

Preschoolers and up will sure have loads of fun with this play tent!

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