White Toy Box

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White Toy Box

I love this white toy box, it not only looks good, it’s also really big on the inside and all components are made of quality materials. The barrel top gives it a treasure chest kind of look which my little girl really loves. My son got a treasure chest toy box (more pirate themed) last Christmas which also has a barrel top. It gives it a quality look I think.

What I really like about this white toy box is the safety hinge. We all know the havoc a slamming lid can cause to a child’s hand, that’s why the safety hinge is such a good invention. It works like a kind of small hydraulic system that prevents the lid from slamming down. One less worry for mum!

The white toy box is real big, it can hold lots of large toys and stuffed animals and still has room left for the smaller items. I’ve been thinking of buying a second one because it’s a great storage for bedding and clothes as well.

Another advantage of a toy box is that it encourages your little one to clean up her toys. My little girl finds lots of joy putting her stuffed animals in the box. It becomes a kind of nighty-night ritual during bedtime when all her favorite toys go to sleep in the box. Really cute, and less cleaning up to do for mum!

White Toy BoxThe White Toy Box Has A Stylish Barrel Top Lid

White Toy BoxThe White Toy Box Looks Good In Just About Any Decor

White Toy BoxThe white toy box is easy to clean and assembly is a breeze thanks to the clear illustrated assembly instructions. This definitely is one of the nicer toy boxes for under $100. Like I said before, you can also use the box to store bedding or summer/winter clothes that are out of season. Definitely both thumbs up!

The White Toy Box Features:

  • Loads of storage
  • Quality product
  • Made of solid hard woods, engineered woods & veneers
  • Safety anti slam hinge
  • Versatile, can be used for toys, bedding, storing winter/summer clothes
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to assemble (illustrated assembly instructions)
  • Dimensions: 19″ H * 31″ W * 17″ D
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