The Game of Life Game Review

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The Game of Life Game


The Game of Life Game is a colorful board game with a spinner and cards that emulates the journey of life and its many paths. Players get to choose a career, go to college, start a family, or make financial moves. The game takes players on an adventure full of surprises.

Wealth can be made or lost in the process that ultimately leads to retirement where the wealthiest player wins. It’s an interesting game of chance where you choose your path, spin the wheel on the board, and pick cards that will determine your fate.

So, is this board game worth buying? Find out more by reading the game of life game review compiled in this post.

Game of Life Game Features

The Game of Life starts by choosing the path you want to take in life either through pursuing a career or going to college. A career move will involve joining the work force and selecting a payday, taking out a mortgage to buy a house, or spinning the wheel and picking cards to sell stock and property you acquire.

Players who choose to go to college can then make choices such as taking a student’s loan, studying medicine to become a doctor, or marrying to start a family. Anything is possible and you can receive or loss a fortune in the twists and changes the game has.

The game ends when you retire, pay all your debts and the person with the most money wins. To achieve your goal, this game offers features such as:

•    Game Board With Spin Wheel And Cards
You spin and pick cards to win tokens like, cars, property, money, or lose your fortune by picking debts.

•    Money Pack
Bills are in the form of cards that you can win and use to pay debts or buy property.

•    Playing Pieces
These include pegs and small plastic models of people, children, and cars that you drive around the board on the path of life you choose.

•    Game Guide
The guide contains all rules and instructions, allowing beginners to have an easy time when learning how to play.

Is The Game of Life Game Worth Buying?

The game and is worth buying because of the surprise element it offers and the lessons you can draw on how to take life’s changes in stride. Kids can take away a lot from the play experience itself by learning how to make smart choices that will have a positive impact on their lives.


•    The game is easy to set up and play even for kids aged 8 years and above.

•    A family of 4 can play this game, have fun and become aware of the reality of life.

•    There is a version that can be played on mobile devices like phones and tablets.

•    Includes options for choosing the language you want to play the game in, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

•    It has career options like becoming a fireman and this will really appeal to kids.


•    The game contains small parts and should be kept away from children under 3 years of age.

•    You have to first learn the rules of the game before or as you play which can make it confusing for young children under 8 years.

•    It’s a game where luck plays an important part and the life cards you pick will determine who wins regardless of all the right choices you make during the game.


The Game of Life takes you through the changing fortunes of life. Anything can happen with the spin of a wheel or by picking a card, adding excitement and fun into your family bonding time.


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