Step2 Spill and Splash Seaway Water Table

Step2 Spill and Splash Seaway Water Table

Step2 Spill & Splash Seaway Water Table Review

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Step2 Spill and Splash Seaway Water Table

The Step2 Spill and Splash Seaway Water Table comes equipped with several small accessories to keep kids busy. During the warm days of summer, kids can spend hours playing outside (and getting wet) with this water table while developing (unknowingly) certain physiological skills while having fun at the same time.

Step2 Spill and Splash Seaway Water Table Features

•    Enhances fine motor skills
•    Varied accessories
•    Measures 25 x 43.5 x 22.5 inches
•    Holds 5.56 gallons of water
•    Ages 18 months to 8 years

Why Should you Buy The Step2 Spill and Splash Seaway Water Table?

Step2 Spill and Splash Seaway Water Table

One of the biggest things that the Step2 Spill and Splash Seaway Water Table has going for it is its play-ability. Three small kids can easily play beside this water table at the same time without being cramped for room.

Several accessories come in the kit, including a dolphin, fish, starfish, 2 cups (with holes in the bottom), boy and girl mini-figures and an umbrella. The water pools themselves sit atop a stand so little kids can stand-up to play with it. Some shade is provided by the umbrella.

With everything that comes as part of this water table set, kids can constantly find new uses for it and ways to play using the accessories. For example, water can be taken from the lower pool with the cups (or a plastic pail not included) and dumped in the upper pool, thus eventually when full spilling over and flowing back down into the bottom pool. Or launch the dolphin off of the diving board and into the pool.

The combinations of play are endless and only limited by their imagination. And because they are constantly using their hands, eyes and mind, it is very good for developing hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills, such as picking up objects.

At the end of play, the water in the pools is dumped by turning the pools over on their side as there is no drain in the bottom of either of them.

The Bottom Line

At the current price, this is a great summer toy that can provide endless hours of fun and learning for those 18 months and older.

Even though the manufacturer lists the upper age at 8 years, 4 or 5 would be more appropriate. And because there is a significant amount of water in the pools, children should be supervised so they don’t accidentally fall in and to prevent possible drowning.

With summer coming on, now is the time to order one of these.

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