Step2 Finding Dory Whirlin’ Waves Sand & Water Table

Step2 Finding Dory Whirlin Waves Sand & Water Table
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Step2 Finding Dory Whirlin Waves Sand & Water Table

If you are looking for a water-based toy to keep your little one busy during summer, the Step2 Finding Dory Whirlin Waves Sand & Water Table would make a great option. This table has a deep center that can hold more than enough water to keep your kid happily splashing around for hours.

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What’s more, the play table has several play options that are guaranteed to offer just as much fun as kids get from splashing around in a pool.


The Step2 Finding Dory toy consists of a table that can hold quite a bit of water, three finding dory figures that squirt water, a slide, whirlpool spinner, and side flipper for launching Dory & friends into the water.

This combination of parts allows kids to engage in several play options including:

·      Sending Dory and her comrades down the slide on a wild ride

·      Creating a whirlpool of water using the whirlpool spinner

·      Getting Dory and her friends to dive into the water using the side flipper

Another fabulous aspect of this toy is that it can be more than a water table. By simply taking out all accessory parts and emptying water, the table has a deep section that provides the best setting for sensory play.

You can bury items under a pile of rice, beans, pasta, sand, or other grainy components and have kids sift through to find hidden treasures.

Step2 Finding Dory Whirlin' Waves Sand & Water Table Is The Step2 Finding Dory Whirlin Waves Sand & Water Table Worth Buying?

This Finding Dory water table offers the perfect balance between fun and learning by combining what parents look for in toys and what child experts recommend as development oriented play items.

A huge plus for parents is that the table is easy to assemble which means your little one will not be waiting around anxiously for hours to get a chance to play after the toy arrives.

In addition, the water table’s multiple play options offer tons of fun that will keep your kid glued to the table for hours.

As for the learning part, your child will get to develop fine motor skills as well as learn cooperative play and sharing as he/she navigates through the various play options of the water table.

And, with the water drained, your child will get to enjoy all of the benefits that come with sensory play.


·      The water table is super easy to use making it an ideal fit for toddlers of all ages including those as young as 1.5 years old.

·      Getting the water table ready for play only requires snapping 3 legs into place and little assembly with the water tower.

·      The toy is made of a very thick and sturdy plastic that promises years of use.

·      The toy includes a rubber plug that enables you to empty water easily without making a mess once your kid is done playing.

·      Weighing only 9.8 pounds, the water table is highly portable and can therefore be used anywhere from indoors, to the backyard or beach.

·      The tiny accessories of this water table toy can be used in the bath to make bath time more fun.


·      A few users claim that the water table’s plug has leaking issues


If fun is what you are looking for in kids’ toys, this Finding Dory water table makes the perfect buy.

It comes highly recommended by users who report that the water table keeps their little ones (ranging from 1-4 years) entertained for hours on end.

Overall, this water table offers good value for the price, especially when you take into account the development benefits it offers to toddlers.



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