PJ Masks Headquarter Playset Review

PJ Masks Headquarter Playset - Toy for kids ages 3-6
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PJ Masks Headquarter Playset - Toy for kids ages 3-6

Every year we see the same old brands popular as toys and gifts for the holidays. This year you have the opportunity to purchase a red hot toy linked to a brand-new Disney cartoon that appeared in 2016.

The PJ Masks Headquarter Playset was named to the Toys “R” Us Hot Toy List for the holidays, and is the subject of this review.

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Key Elements of the PJ Masks Headquarter Playset

* Officially licensed Disney PJ Masks toy
* Includes Cat-Boy figure
* For children 3 to 7 years of age
* Brand-new for the 2016 holiday season
* Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)


For a lot of reasons, you may want to consider he PJ Masks Headquarter Playset for your children this holiday season. Kids love things that are new. The already popular PJ Masks cartoon is certainly new, and aired on September 18 this year.

Kids love unique crime fighting themes. To fill that need, the PJ Masks brand focuses on characters that look to save the day from criminals … while dressed in pajamas. The hit Disney Junior cartoon series has exploded out of nowhere, and that means the recent release of the PJ Masks Headquarter Playset will be on kids’ shopping lists this year.

In a nice coup, Toys “R” Us landed an exclusive with the PJ Masks line of toys and clothes. That means when your little ones start begging for this first-ever playset, you will need to head to Target online, or to a “real world” retailer, for gratification.

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Here’s what you get.

The playset is 2 feet tall and includes 3 separate levels. It comes with the Cat Boy character and his crime-fighting Cat-Car. Owlette and Gekko figures are available for purchase separately, and work perfectly with this set.

Included in this set, which really is of surprising quality, characters included, are a moving elevator, a zip line, secret doors, a criminal capture net, hanging cat rings and a pop-out hatch. There is also a fast exit ramp Cat Boy and his Cat-Car can use to launch off after criminals.


This set is playable from front and back, and the durability and articulation of the characters is excellent. Unlike so many toys and characters meant to mimic cartoon or movie figures, these look exactly like the characters from the show.

Since the cartoon is red hot right now, you can expect to pay under a hundred for this high demand playset. Toy collectors almost have to consider this a must-buy purchase, since the entire PJ Masks line looks poised for explosive growth over the next few years.

If your kids are already enjoying the Disney cartoon, this unique exclusive from Toys “R” Us makes a smart purchase this holiday season.

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