A Pirate Ship Bed, Kids Love It!

A Pirate Ship Bed, Kids Love It!
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Pirate Ship Bed

Ahoy Mateys! Lets set sail for adventure with this Pirate Ship Bed! The Little Tikes pirate ship bed is totally awesome, featuring a functioning steering wheel, a pretend canon, lights, a storage box for hidden treasure and a mast with fabric sail and authentic crows nest.

Toddlers always find it difficult to leave the security of mom and dads bedroom, making the transition hard for the parents as well. However this could be a great bed to help your little boy or girl move into his or her own room as the bed is one big exciting adventure playground.

Reviews mention parents having trouble getting their child out of bed because they like it so much. Stories about parents finally being able to have a good night of sleep because their little angel slept through the night without waking up. That’s the real big plus of this bed if you ask me, but that’s only my humble opinion.

The Pirate Ship Bed Has A Built In Toy Box, A Perfect Hiding Place For All Your Treasures!

Pirate Ship Bed

Apart from a great place to sleep the pirate ship bed is also great for play time. Who doesn’t want to play pirate captain hunting for treasure and gold! The bed is sturdy and can endure a lot of abuse, think jumping little pirates.

The pirate ship bed is made of durable plastic with no sharp edges, so totally child proof! Assembly is a breeze, it takes two people about 20 minutes to put the bed together and a damp cloth is all you need to clean it.

The Toy Box With Closed Lid Transforms The Pirate Ship Bed Into A Real Pirate Ship With Steering Wheel and Canon!

Pirate Ship Bed

The bed perfectly fits a standard crib mattress (which isn’t included, just take the one out of your crib) and standard crib sheets. There’s also special pirate bedding that makes the bed even more special.

The pirate ship bed has a headboard which has cubby holes that fit small items like a clock, books or small toys. The bow of the ship has a secret toy box that can be closed with a lid. The canons at the side are a nice feature as well, the three canons actually are battery operated night lamps with auto shut off.

The Pirate Ship Bed Ready To Set Sail To Dreamland!

Pirate Ship Bed

The Pirate Ship Bed Features:

  • Ship’s steering wheel
  • Fits a standard sized crib mattress (approximately 52″ x 28″ x 6″)
  • Built in Toy Box with removable lid to store all your treasures
  • Headboard cubby holes to store your clock and books
  • Working battery operated night lights – Cannons on the side of the ship
  • Main mast with fabric sail and crows nest
  • Age 15 months to 5 years
  • Mattress not included

The pirate ship bed is a dream come true for both child and mum and dad, just think of all the extra hours of sleep you could get. The only negative I could come up with is that your little one is so excited that he can’t fall asleep!

Proudly Made In The USA

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