Paw Patrol Paw Patroller

Paw Patrol Paw Patroller
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The Paw Patroller includes Ryder's ATV vehicle and holds 3 Paw Patrol vehicles inside

All paws to the ruff ruff rescue! The Paw Patroller is the supreme rescue vehicle and is perfect for making sure that the Paw Patrol team is able to reach locations in need of their help. Board your vehicles and head out together for a brand new adventure.

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The Paw Patroller comes with Ryder’s ATV vehicle and can hold 3 Paw Patrol vehicles inside, 6 vehicles can be displayed when open.

The Paw Patroller can make authentic Paw Patrol sound effects, just like in the show. It also has a working elevator for taking the pup vehicles up to the Command Center.

Paw Patrol paw patroller vehicle can store 3 vehicles

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