Miles From Tomorrowland Transforming Exo Flex

Miles From Tomorrowland Transforming Exo Flex
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Miles From Tomorrowland Transforming Exo-Flex

Miles uses his Transforming Exo-Flex Suit to explore new planets, the Exo-Flex can navigate all different terrains by walking, driving or flying. Simply flip up the Exo-Flex Suit’s wings on the back for Space Mode. The Exo-Flex is also armed with Flash Beams which can blast any obstacle away!

If your mission needs driving, simply rotate the arms back and knees up to transform the suit into a cool surface vehicle.The Exo-Flex comes with one Miles figure.

The Tomorrowland Exo-Flex is also compatible with the XVR System (the Cross Vehicle Rocket System from the Stellosphere) (which is sold separately) to boost the vehicle with awesome lights and cool sounds.

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