Miles From Tomorrowland Stellosphere

Miles From Tomorrowland Stellosphere
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Miles From Tomorrowland Stellosphere

Explore the universe on the Miles From Tomorrowland Stellosphere. The Stellosphere is the home mothership for the Callisto family, it’s the place where they rest and relax and where they receive their new TTA missions.

The Stellosphere comes apart in three different spaceships: The Starjetter (which is stored in the Stellosphere) is for short missions. The Zip Ship which can be removed from the top of the Stellosphere is meant for longer distance travel and the Callisto Command Center is the place where Miles and his family reside and where they receive their missions.

The XVR system at the bottom of the Miles from Tomorrowland Stellosphere can be removed and attached to the other ships, this will boost any ship with awesome lights and cool sounds.


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