Miles From Tomorrowland Starjetter

Miles From Tomorrowland Starjetter
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Miles From Tomorrowland Starjetter

The Miles From Tomorrowland StarJetter, is the most nimble and versatile exploratory shuttle in the Galaxy, it brings our friends anywhere across the universe.

The Starjetter features 3 different exploration modes: First Space Mode as you leave the Stellosphere on your space mission. Once you land you go in Drive Mode and pull the wheels down to drive around and explore the galactic surface. Third there’s Walk Mode which is for the most rocky and mountainous terrain, simply pull the Starjetter’s legs down to walk over any obstacles.

Compatible with XVR System to boost the vehicle with lights and sounds. The Miles From Tomorrowland Starjetter includes 1 Miles figure.

Miles from Tomorrowland Starjetter

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