Little Tikes Garden Table Review

Little Tikes Garden Table

Little Tikes Garden Table Review

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Little Tikes Garden Table


The Little Tikes Garden Table is the perfect toy for your budding gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts that want to imitate Mom and Dad.

The Garden Table is not just a toy – it includes a real watering can and a working table basin with a plug so your little ones can actually help out around the garden!

For imaginative and creative play, the Little Tikes Garden Table set comes with a number of accessories including pots, flowers, a rake, a shovel, soil discs and a sifter tray.

The Little Tikes Garden Table is large enough to encourage inclusive play with friends and is a fantastic introduction to gardening for your children.

Little Tikes Garden Table Features

•    Pretend gardening table with accessories
•    Includes 2 pots, 2 flowers, watering can, rake, shovel, sifter tray and more
•    Measures 22.6 x 13.8 x 21.3 inches
•    Table basin with plug
•    Ages 18 months to 5 years

Is the Little Tikes Garden Table Worth Buying?

Assembling the Little Tikes Garden Table is not difficult, although you will require a Phillips head screwdriver and some common sense! The instructions are somewhat lacking in clarity, but that being said there is nothing too complicated here and all the parts fit together nicely and securely. One tricky aspect is making sure that the seal on the basin is correctly adjusted on both ends and it is worth taking your time on this as an incorrectly fitted seal will lead to a leaky basin!

The basin is the real attention grabber here. When playing outside, there are few things more fun than playing with water and the basin with plug works really well here.

Other accessories can also be used for creative and imaginative play here and it goes to show just how much this set has to offer aside from pretend gardening. The flower pots, sifting tray and watering can all allow for great fun with the basin regardless of whether it is for water or sand play.

It is worth noting that the Little Tikes Garden Table is certainly better suited to smaller children. Although recommended for children up to 5 years old, these old children will most likely be too tall to play with the Garden Table unless they kneel down.

For younger children aged 18 months to 3 years, the Little Tikes Garden Table is perfectly sized. All things considered, this is a tremendous, easy to clean and affordable outdoor table set that encourages interactive play and will keep children entertained for hours on end.

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