LEGO Super Heroes Super Hero Airport Battle

LEGO Super Heroes Super Hero Airport Battle Review

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The LEGO Super Heroes Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 brick game has 807 pieces including 7 mini-figures of Iron Man, Agent 13, Captain America, Winter Soldier, a micro-figure of Ant Man with buildable Grant Man, Scarlet Witch, and War Machine.

The super heroes battle around an airport terminal with a control tower, a luggage cart with rear trailer, 3 suitcase pieces, and the Avengers Quintet. The game pits Scarlet Witch, Captain America, Agent 13 and Ant-Man who unit to help Winter Soldier escape in the Quintet, against Iron Man and an assault of stud gun attacks by the War Machine.

Lego Super Heroes Super Hero Airport Battle Features

Agent 13, Captain America, Ant Man, and Scarlet Witch join forces in this game to help Winter Soldier escape in the Quinjet.

You can join Ant Man enter the control tower through a tiny hole while dodging War Machine’s stud shooter to explode boxes in front of the tower. At the push of a lever, you can cause an explosion that will collapse the walls of the second floor and send the luggage carts along with suitcases flying.

This same control will help Ant Man make the transition into Giant Man so he can fight Iron Man, then deploy the hidden stud shooter under the plane, lower the rope at the rear for Captain America and finally flip the wings of the Quinjet to prepare for takeoff.

Other features in this Lego set include:

•    Mini-figures of Scarlet Witch, Captain America, Agent13, Winter Soldier plus a micro-figure of Ant Man who team up to escape in the Quinjet as Iron Man and the War Machine try to stop them.

•    A Giant Man mini-figure you can build by transforming Ant Man. Giant Man is 5” tall.

•    Air traffic control tower building – This block has many pieces for building the control room with swivel office chair as well as the second floor office with opening cupboards, PC display piece, and a wall that can explode. A side door leads into the first floor room and boxes that explode when Ant Man is pushed through a small hole in the wall and a fence. Control tower measures 10” high, 9” wide and 3” deep.

•    The Quinjet – This aircraft is very detailed and features a life like design. The pieces can create foldable wings, a rope for for action figures to hang on, as well as a double cockpit and rear hatch that open. The Jet is 3” high, 7” long, 12” wide in flight mode and 7” wide in landing mode.

•    Turn a switch on the Quinjet and stud guns appear underneath the plane to use for attack.

•    Push a lever on the luggage cart’s trailer to send the suitcases flying. The luggage cart is 1” high, 6” long and 1” wide.

•    Weapons and accessories used are a shield for Captain America, Winter Soldiers gun, shoulder mounted sniper and War Machine with baton, as well as power studs for Scarlet Witch.

•    A comic book also comes as part of the package along with blocks for the mini-figure head, arms and legs that Giant Man picks up.

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Is the Lego Super Heroes Super Hero Airport Battle 76501 Worth Buying?

With 807 pieces this Super Heroes brick game is worth buying as it has plenty of play options. The six mini-figures, the Quinjet to use for escaping, control tower and baggage train which you can explode, stud guns attacks by the War Machine to stop Winter Soldier and his allies, will keep you occupied as the battle rages on.


•    Action packed play set which takes over two hours to build.
•    Plenty of play options with the mini-figures provided.
•    Build with good quality durable material.


•    Most of the mini-figures and pieces have already being featured in previous sets and are of no value to brick game collectors.


The Lego Super Heroes Super Hero Airport Battle 76051 is another excellent brick building game by Lego and the fact that it features mini-figure characters we know from the Avengers movies series makes this set very attractive and a collector’s item for true fans.




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