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Hatchimals - Toy for kids 5-10 years old
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Hatchimals - Toy for kids 5-10 years oldImagine a magical creature trapped inside of an egg, and nothing but your child’s tender loving care can get it to hatch. That is the magic of Hatchimals, the interactive toy creatures that look like a large egg.

Why are these toys so popular right now that brick and mortar retailers and online stores can’t keep them in stock? Let’s take a look and find out.

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  • Required 3 LR44 batteries are included
  • One of the top selling toys on Amazon
  • Found on the 2016 Walmart Top 25 Hottest Holiday Toys list
  • Recommended for children 5 – 10 years old
  • Available in multiple colors

Hatchimals - Toy for kids age 5-10buy


Hatchimals have a lot going for them this holiday season. They are arguably the hottest toys available right now, and as soon as stores get them in stock, they are flying off the shelves.

Another selling point is the fact that if your child does not play with his or her Hatchimal, it won’t hatch! The more love and caring your child shows for these egg-trapped critters, the quicker they are “born”.

The more your child continues to play with his or her Hatchimal, the more this cuddly new creature “learns”, which promotes and rewards nurturing skills.

The plastic shell which contains a Hatchimal of unknown color and personality stands about 8 inches tall. When it is turned on, your child can see and hear a beating heart through the thin plastic shell, proof that this magical creature is “alive”.

After a lot of love and attention the shell begins to crack, and a Hatchimal emerges with a joyous cry.

Fans of 1984 smash hit movie Gremlins will notice a faint resemblance to the cute Gizmo from that film. When a Hatchimal leaves the egg the fun just begins.

Clapping, petting and touching helps these little furballs learn and perform activities like walking, talking and singing.

The manufacturer recommends these toys for children from 5 to 10 years of age, and toy experts say that children as young as 3 years of age can probably play with them safely.

It is tough to see the downside in such an inexpensive, charming and appealing toy. Aside from not knowing what color and style of creature is going to appear from the egg, which is also a wonderful surprise upside.

Iit is difficult to find a reason why this wouldn’t be a great, interactive gift for young children.


Hatchimals are budget friendly and available online, so you don’t have to fight the Black Friday crowds at your local big box retailer.

If getting your child to spend less time staring at a smart phone or tablet appeals to you, the magical Hatchimals can do just that, while also teaching and building socialization and nurturing skills.

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