Fisher-Price Octonauts Gup-S Polar Exploration Vehicle

FisherPrice Octonauts GupS Polar Exploration Vehicle
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FisherPrice Octonauts GupS Polar Exploration Vehicle


Children who like watching “The Octonauts” on TV will be delighted with the Fisher Price Octonaut Gup S Polar Exploration Vehicle.

This toy is designed for games depicting exploration and adventure in icy polar environments based on the TV series.

It features the Gup-S, a polar exploration vehicle used by the Octonauts, which can separate into two automobiles – the Octo-Sled and the Octo-Shuttle. An interchangeable tool system can be attached to the front of the Octo-Sled for quick exploration and rescue missions.

You can open up the Octo-Shuttle to see lighted up floors of a storage compartment for ferrying rescued creatures.

Fisher Price Octonaut Gup-S Polar Exploration Vehicle Features

Kids can explore the icy polar landscap and rescue helpless creatures with the Gup-S utility vehicles and skis. The can even use these toy cars to listen to music and commands from the captain, which ads a lot of fun to exploration and rescue missions.

Details of the features in this set include:

•    The Gup-S polar exploration vehicle with retractable treads, music, sounds and phrases. It can separate into two vehicles, allowing more than one child to play.

•    With the Octo-Sled, your future park ranger can pretend to be on rescue missions or simply explore the polar landscape.

•    The Octo-Shuttle features a warming tank with a floor that lights-up when commands and warnings are issued or music is played. This vehicle is used to mainly to keep rescued creatures warm.

•    The set also comes with a couple of mini-skis, which can be fitted with three interchangeable tools for rescue missions.

•    Treads fold from the Gup’s bottom with ease. Their retractable design allows for easy navigation on different surfaces.

•    Dressed in his snow suit, Captain Barnacles is also in the set as commander of the Gup-S.

•    Other components include an iceberg where all the action takes place, and the Narwhal whale figure which you rescue from the iceberg and place in the Octo-Shuttle’ warming tank.

Is the Fisher Price Octonauts Gup-S Polar Exploration Vehicle Worth Buying?

The Gup-S is worth buying as it provides a fun experience and might just inspire young ones to pursue a career in animal rescue. With all the features provided, it will give your kids hours of fun as they explore the different missions and situations they can create.


•    The components are durable and well-constructed.
•    Assembly is easy and adults can join in the fun.
•    There are many play options you can create from the Octonauts TV series.
•    Kids can listen to music while playing, which is quite entertaining for them.
•    The lighting floor and sound phrases makes it more appealing.


•    The back portion of the Gup-S has no peg to hold and position the Octonauts.
•    There is no lock on the closing lid at the back, which means it can easily come apart.
•    The ski-sleds do not fit in the back of the vehicle when the lid is closed.


The Octonauts is a favorite TV series for many kids and this makes the Fisher Price Octonaut Gup-S Polar Exploration Vehicle very appealing. Children will have no trouble creating play since the series provides plenty of scenes they can imitate and have fun doing so.


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