Fisher-Price Little People Surprise and Sounds Home

Fisher-Price Little People Surprise and Sounds Home

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FisherPrice Little People Surprise and Sounds Home
The Fisher-Price Little People Surprise and Sounds Home is a pretend play toy dollhouse for kids aged 1 and above. It opens up for play, with each area having a switch that plays back real-life sounds, phrases and sing-along tunes.

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The dollhouse has three floors, so kids can easily play while sitting or standing. Opening the same door twice or pressing a certain button or switch produces different sounds.

With continued play, toddlers grow and begin to act-out familiar scenes that happen in real life.

The home is filled from floor to ceiling with plenty of learning activities that will help develop social and fine motor skills in kids.

Best of all, the dollhouse will keep your children engaged as they try to arrange and rearrange things and listen to sounds their actions create.


When kids open the dollhouse, they will discover spaces and places to put Dad, Mom and baby Emma. Here are some of the dollhouse activities, features and places to explore:

·      The front door has a knocker plus it open and closes. There is a front window with a shade, which flips to signify different weather. The kitchen has a stove with cooking sounds, a refrigerator with a door that opens and closes, high chair for the baby, and a table with food for the family. Opening the refrigerator and oven doors turns on the lights. Repeat this action and you will hear phrases or press the music player for four pleasing songs and dance.

·      In the living room, there are chairs for the family and friends to sit on and the second floor is the baby’s bedroom with a bassinet that plays songs. There is also a bathroom with a tub, which makes “bubble bubble” sounds.

·      The third floor has Dad and Mom’s room with a bed for them. Right outside the house is an elegant SUV toy car, which takes Mom, Dad and baby Emma wherever they want to go. Also included are two pieces for the fence, which join easily with other neighborhood toys. When the play day is over, you can store all the pieces inside the house and switch the toy off with a handy on/off switch.

·      The kids can press the alarm clock to wake Emma. Accompanying the ringing sound of the alarm are pre-recorded words that say, “Time to get out of bed sleepyhead”. By sliding the bluebird, a kitten pops up on the window on one side and you can see what the weather is like on the other side. Lifting the toilet lid mimics the flushing sound, “Whoosh” and trigers other tunes and phrases. The dollhouse comes preloaded with more than 50 sounds, phrases and songs that bring fun and joy to the play experience.

·      When done playing, kids can put Emma, Mom and Dad to bed, store everything inside and close the house. Transporting the dollhouse for storage is easy because it has a carry handle. The house measures 15.830”x 5.000”x 24.180”, weighs 5 pounds and requires two AA (R6) 1.5v battery to operate the sounds and lights.

Fisher-Price Little People Surprise and Sounds Home



Is the Fisher-Price Little People Surprise & Sounds Home Worth Buying?

The Fisher-Price Sounds Home is worth buying because it will help develop fine motor and social skills in your kids. It also gives them lots of learning activities as they arrange and disarrange items in the house.


·      All the pieces and characters are light, small, and easy for your kids to hold.

·      Everything in the house is designed for learning and building confidence.

·      Moving the characters and items in the house develops fine motor skills for the kids.

·      Tall house design encourages the kids to play while sitting or standing.

·      Everything can be neatly stored in the house after the kids have finished playing.

·      The dollhouse helps the kids express themselves as they role-play and create ideas.


·      The toy is suitable for children aged 1-4 years and kids will lose interest in the toy as they grow older.

·      The bed is not large enough for the characters to fit and lie on.

·      Mini-figures do not have movable parts like arms and legs.

·      The SUV can only carry two passengers, out of the three figures in the house.


The Fisher-Price Little Peoples Surprise & Sounds Home teaches and entertains your kids. It also gives them a chance to express themselves in familiar surroundings.

They get to understand how the real world works and build self-confidence.

As they move figures and items up and down the house they develop fine motor skills and learn how to pronounce certain words as they listen to the songs and phrases in the house. While kids eventually outgrow the dollhouse, it’s well worth the investment given the child development benefits it offers.




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