Cool Kites For Kids – 10 Best Kites For Kids For Great Outdoor Fun!

Cool Kites For Kids - 10 Best Kites For Kids For Great Outdoor Fun!

Today we’re reviewing 10 cool kites for kids, wonderful, low cost toys that are so much fun. Now this is a classic toy with hidden powers as it can get kids off the couch to play outside. Which we believe is a really good thing. Not to forget that flying a kite is a fun activity you can do together with your child.

We have made this best kites for kids list because we believe that kites can be a lot of fun and that’s why we have rolled up our sleeves and had a real good look to see what are the best kites for kids.

So please have a look down below and prepare yourself to have to untangle some string when your child crashes their kite into a tree! But hey that’s a huge part of the fun of flying a kite so check out our list and you will find that perfect kite for your child.

Giant Blue Dolphin Kite

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We thought we would start our cool kites for kids list with something that has a look that kids will really like. It’s this awesome, Giant Blue Dolphin Kite. This does not have plastic poles or even a steel frame inside.

It is made of this soft, but very durable plastic which in theory should make it much easier for kids to run with the kite and let it catch some air. Kids are really going to love just how large this giant blue dolphin is as it flies in the air.

This is a very affordable kite and it is aimed at children who are aged 5 to 10 years old. It is a lot of fun, being sold for a good price and when they are done it does not take up much space at all which is always a nice bonus.

Huge Rainbow Kite For Kids

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The Huge Rainbow Kite For Kids is the kind of kite that we feel would be perfect for those looking for a first kite for their kids. Now they do claim that this kite is suitable for people who are as young as 4 months, but we feel that they most probably mean 4 years.

This kite is very well made and kids will really like the nice and bright colors that it has. The kite is made with a solid frame and its large wingspan means that it is going to catch some serious wind and fly really high.

Kids will get a real kick out of the flapping tail that will fly behind and for the parents you get to have the fun of untangling this when it crashes! In all this is a very nice looking kite that would be perfect for kids who want to learn how to fly a kite.

Sweet Ice Cream Kite For Kids – Cool Kites For Kids

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If you’re looking for cool kites for kids then this definitely is one of the coolest or should we say coldest. Here we have the Sweet Ice Cream Kite which is a kite that looks so nice you would almost want to eat it. This really is a fun looking kite. It has a ton of personality and thanks to the frame and the shape of the kite it will catch a lot of air which makes and go really high.

The shape of the ice cream kite should also make it easier for kids to fly. Kites are a great way to help develop hand eye coordination and we feel that this kite is one of the easiest to actually control. This will mean that for younger kids there will be less crashes and less frustration while they are out playing with it.

Frozen Elsa Easy Flyer Kite

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For the love of god do not sing “Let It Go” while your child is flying the Frozen Elsa Easy Flyer Kite. Because if they do let it go it will end up stuck on the roof of Arendelle Castle!

Kids love Frozen and a great way to get them excited about flying a kite is for the kite to be something they are into. You do not get much more popular than Frozen and this kite features a large Elsa that they can make fly with the wind.

The Frozen kite is made of strong nylon so even if they crash it will not rip easily and the shape of the kite does make it rather easy to fly. The recommended age for this kite is 3 and up. While younger kids may need a little help from mom and dad, we feel that this is a huge part of the charm of flying a kite.

Large Easy Flying Red Octopus Kite by Hengda

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Next on our cool kites for kids list is a deep sea creature. The first thing that catches your eye with the Large Easy Flying Red Octopus Kite is just how awesome it looks. With his big goofy eyes and all those tentacles that will fly in the wind. Kids will love this octopus.

This is one kite that really does have that wow factor. The octopus kite has no steel or plastic frame that you have to mess around with while the kids constantly say “is it ready yet?” You just take it out of the bag and this octopus is ready to fly.

While this is a large kite, thanks to those tentacles. It is still pretty easy to fly. Even younger kids aged as young as 4 (with a little help from you) will be able to fly this and actually control it as well. If you want a kite that really does have that wow factor and is easy to use then this one has to make your short list.

Star Wars Deluxe X-Wing Fighter Kite by X-Kites

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In making this cool kites for kids list we have seen some cool kites, but the Star Wars Deluxe X-Wing Fighter Kite may very well be the coolest.

This Star Wars themed kite looks just like the X-Wing Fighters that your kids love in the movie. Now they can pretend they are an X-Wing Pilot that is trying to blow up the Death Star. The kite is very well made and thanks to the shape this will not only be able to get up in the air pretty easily. It will also be a joy to fly and they will be making it do all kinds of twists and turns.

The X Wing Fighter kite is a kite that’s aimed at kids who are 8 so it may not be for those who have very young kids. If a kite is something that your kid has never been interested in before. We feel that this X-Wing kite will certainly get them interested.

3D Shark Kite by In The Breeze

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The 3D Shark Kite is certainly one of the more interesting looking kites on our list. This kite is made from this very strong polyester that does not rip easily or stain. Which is a good thing we believe as kites can crash sometimes.

The shark design of this kite looks awesome! This is quite a large kite, but it is very light so we do not see kids even as young as 4 having too much trouble getting this up in the air.

When it is up in the air, kids are going to think it’s very cool and probably try to scare any grownups! This currently is one of the lower cost kites that we have looked at and we feel that it would be a good kite to start them off with.

Best Delta Kite for Kids by Stuff Kids Want

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The Best Delta Kite is a very smart and high end looking kite and while the recommended age is 6 and up. We feel that this is the kind of kite you buy for an older kid who wants something that is a little more cool and serious looking.

This is a very large kite that is made with a high tech cloth and a solid frame. The kite is designed so that it gets up in the air very easily and once it is up there kids will have no trouble in making it go exactly where they want to.

We feel that this is one of the best kites on this list when it comes to kites for older kids.

Huge Rainbow Kite For Kids by Tomi Kite

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Next we take a look at a kite that has huge in the name and we can tell you they are not messing around as the Huge Rainbow Kite For Kids really is one of the largest kites we have ever seen.

This kite is one that has been designed to last a long time and that is why they have used such a strong frame and a good covering of high end and tear resistant fabric. This makes the huge rainbow kite a kite that is very robust. So even if it does have a bad crash (which kids seem to actually like) we are sure it will be ok.

As this kite is so large it is really going to fly high. This is aimed at kids 3 and up, but as it is so large we advise you are there to give them a helping hand.

UFO Night Kite with 136 LED Lights – Cool Kites For Kids

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Last on our cool kites for kids list we find the UFO Night Kite with 136 LED Lights. This is like something straight out of the X-Files as this large black kite is full of bright LED’s that will light it up like a UFO.

So you and your child could have some real fun on a windy dark knight and most probably freak out the neighborhood. This is a quality, high tech kite that is designed to really catch the wind. The framing they have used is strong, but lightweight so handling the kite is going to be easy.

This kite is for kids aged 6 and above and it may also be the most expensive kite on our list. However this is a truly spectacular kite and if kite flying is something that your child is into then you can’t go wrong with it.

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