BOSEbuild Speaker Cube Review

BOSEbuild Speaker Cube - Bluetooth speaker for kids 8 years and older
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BOSEbuild Speaker Cube - Bluetooth speaker for kids 8 years and older

If you prefer to buy toys that encourage your kids to learn, then the BOSEbuild speaker cube might be a good choice for them. The Bose Corporation launched this educational toy during the fourth Science and Engineering Festival in Washington D.C.

This build-it-yourself kit lets young minds explore the science behind sound, music and speakers. The entire building experience is educational and fun at the same time.

Find out what is in store for your kids by reading this BOSEbuild speaker cube review.

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BOSEbuild is a Bluetooth speaker, which comes with various components that kids have to put together in order to make it work. There are no tools required to build the speaker.

Components that builders will have to assemble include a magnet, wire coil, power supply, speaker panel, 40 clips, as well as housing covers with papercraft templates for customization.

Features of this DIY speaker set include:

Building app with simple instructions and insightful facts

Bose Corporation built an app that takes kids through the process of building their own Bluetooth speaker. After downloading the companion app, the next step that follows is to touch your device with the BOSEbuild speaker control panel.

This action pairs the two Bluetooth devices together and prompts the user to name their speaker.

Instructions in the companion app are easy to follow.

Best of all, they include clear visuals, animations and videos that guide kids through the engaging hands-on activities.

Along the way, kids get to learn fun facts that encourage exploration. The app provides content that delves deeper into each step by explaining how and why various components work.

Building the BOSEbuild Bluetooth speaker is a process that can be completed in less than an hour. For curious minds; however, it will take much longer because the app teaches many science concepts. Some of the things kids will learn include magnetism and types of metals, how copper coils work with magnets, using a magnet to launch a copper coil into the air, how vibrations create sound waves, isolating sounds via a slider tool, how to make LED lights dance to the sound of music in various colors, testing the sound of different pitch frequencies, and so much more.

Lighting effects and personalized side covers

Once all components have been put together, kids get to customize their own BOSEbuild cube speaker with colored lights and custom covers that create special shadow effects.

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Who’s It For?

The BOSEbuild speaker is a fantastic education toy that appeals to children and adults alike. Although recommended for kids as young as 8 years, this DIY kit can be even more beneficial for teenagers taking Physics in high school.

The building app teaches kids in a practical yet engaging way.

What’s more, the kit builds a high quality and durable Bluetooth speaker that actually works.

For these reasons, it is worth every penny, and especially for parents who have a young scientist in the house that is interested in electronics.


•    No tools required to build the DIY Bluetooth speaker cube

•    Building app makes the learning process fun and engaging through the use of visual aids and videos

•    Kids get to learn many science concepts and the workings behind speakers

•    Instructions are easy to follow

•    Kids can customize the Bluetooth speaker with special lighting effects and custom covers

•    The BOSEbuild speaker sounds amazing after being assembled


•    The building app is only available for iOS/apple devices

•    Connecting a new device resets activities to the beginning


The idea of assembling a Bluetooth speaker may sound intimidating at first, but BOSEbuild makes this an insightful journey that is fun and filled with discoveries.

Kids get to learn about the basic components of a speaker and experiment with frequencies to understand the impact that has on sound and music.

They ultimately build a working, durable and completely personalized Bluetooth speaker that they can be proud of.

The entire process is not only educational but it also gives kids a sense of accomplishment.



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