Race Car Toddler Bed

Race Car Toddler Bed

A great value for money race car toddler bed this is! Well built, sturdy and great attention to detail are the focus points of this toddler bed. The bed is made by Kidkraft a company known for their quality designs. The attention to detail goes as far as screw heads matching the colors of the different pieces of the bed. The paint work is so bright and cheerful that your little guy will absolutely love it. This sure is one happy place to sleep!

The Race Car Toddler Bed Features:

  • Great attention to detail
  • Great built quality (toddler proof)
  • Colorful paintwork
  • Fits a crib matress (save money by using the one you already have)
  • Elevated bed sides to protect your child
  • Low to the ground for easy access
  • Back spoiler storage shelf
  • Front spoiler storage shelf/bench
  • Easy to assemble

The Race Car Toddler Bed With The Kidkraft Racecar Bookcase And A Kidkraft Race Car Side Table

Race Car Toddler Bed

The race car toddler bed is very easy to climb in and out of thanks to the toddler proof design. This is a safe place to sleep as well as the race car bed features slightly elevated sides to help prevent your little one from falling out.

The cool race car spoiler on the back is a nice place to put a clock or a lamp. It can also be used for your favorite toys or stuffed animals. The front spoiler of the bed also makes a convenient shelf to place some toys, clothes or shoes. It also is an excellent place to sit.

The Kidkraft Race Car Side Table A Perfect Match For The Race Car Toddler Bed

Kidkraft Race Car Side Table

The Kidkraft Racecar Bookcase

Kidkraft Racecar BookshelfThe race car toddler bed theme can be completed with matching Kidkraft race car side tables and a Kidkraft racecar bookcase. What’s really good about this is the price, bed, bedding, side table and bookcase will set you back less than $325. That’s excellent value for money for a complete race car themed bedroom.

Cool Race Car Bedding, The Finishing Touch For Your Race Car Toddler Bed!

Race Car Bedding

The bed needs a crib mattress, which fits snugly however it leaves enough room for mum to make the bed! The bed gets even better with the special race car bedding as a finishing touch.

Putting the bed together is a breeze, there are not that many pieces it’s basically made of 4 sides. The screws match the colors of the pieces and all the parts are very well labelled. Building instructions come with easy to follow pictures and assembly should take less than an hour.

Like I said before this is excellent value for money, a complete race car themed bedroom, including bed, side table, bookcase and race car bedding for just under $325. That’s a real good deal. The bed doesn’t include a crib mattress but I would use the one you already have as it will fit most crib mattresses. That’s an easy $50 saved!

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