Bunk Beds For Boys – Bedtime Will Be One Big Adventure!

If you have been wondering what are the best bunk beds for boys, then wonder no more! We have put together this list that contains the best and most cool bunk beds for boys. From bunk beds with desk, storage, tents and even slides! These kids bunk beds have a ton of cool features that will make going to bed a real adventure each and every night.

Tree House Twin Low Loft Bed

Tree House Twin Low Loft Bed - Bunk Beds For Boys

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The Tree House Twin Low Loft Bunk Bed is truly epic and perfect for any kid who has always dreamed of having a tree house.
There are two windows on the front and the roof is half slatted and half opened which is really cool.

The tree house loft bunk bed is made from strong wood which is painted to give it a really natural finish. These planks are reinforced with steel! So this is one bed that is going to be able to handle a rowdy boy who loves a bit of adventure.

There is even a lot of space under the bed so you can use this for a bit of extra storage space for things like toys and games.

  •  Cool tree house design
  •  Made of strong wood
  •  Windows, skylight and a roof!
  •  Plenty of storage room underneath

Modern Full Over Full Bunk Bed – Bunk Beds For Boys

Modern Full over Full Bunk Bed - Bunk Beds For Boys

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Right from the first glance, you can see why the Modern Full over Full Bunk Bed is a bunk bed we had to have on this cool bunk beds for boys list! What’s awesome about this bunk bed is that it looks like something straight from the future.

The gunmetal finish really gives the bed a sophisticated look, however it’s the curves in the design that really set it apart from all the rest. It looks like the top bunk is supported in the air by pretty much nothing and it looks great!

Made of very strong steel, this is one very robust bunk bed and it even has extra supports under the bottom bunk. The bed has ladders on both sides so it can be placed anywhere in a room which is really handy. This full over full bunk bed is perfect if you want something a little more “grown up”.

  •  Awesome design
  •  Ladders on both sides
  •  Cool gunmetal finish
  •  Made of strong steel

Donco Kids Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed - Bunk Beds For Boys

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You do not get much more spectacular than this Donco Kids Twin over Twin Bunk Bed. It is designed to look like a house so he is gone to love feeling like he has his own place.

The top bunk features a roof. Half the roof is slated and the other half lets him peek his head out. One of the walls is fully slated and there are two fabric windows as well.

The bottom bunk features two fabric walls that can be rolled up or all the way down if he wants some privacy. The whole bed is made with this lovely wood that not only looks nice but is also very strong.

If you’re looking for a bunk bed for boys that is truly incredible, you do not get much more jaw dropping than this one.

  •  He will think he has his own house
  •  Made of strong wood
  •  Has a slatted roof
  •  Bottom bunk can be open or hidden

Basketball Twin Loft Bed

Basket Ball Twin Loft Bed - Bunk Beds For Boys

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If your boy dreams of being LeBron James or Steph Curry this Basket Ball Twin Loft Bed is the perfect bed for him. Let’s start with the cool stuff!

The features of this bed are second to none! To start with there is a basketball hoop actually on the bed! Not only that, there is a scoreboard right next to it so he can track all his stats or leave himself notes.

Under the bed is a very good sized corner desk. This desk is more than big enough for him to do his homework, play with toys or even have a computer sitting on it. The actual bed is nice and high and made safe with steel safety slats.

The basketball bunk bed is done in a really nice “sports” blue and it looks super cool. This is a real “boys” kind of bed and we’re sure he will love it. Just make sure he knows there are no 360 tomahawk dunks after 9 PM!

  •  Awesome bunk bed for basketball fans
  •  Has a basketball hoop
  •  Corner desk for doing homework
  •  The scoreboard is a really cool touch

Henry Bunk Bed with Storage

Henry Bunk Bed with Storage - Cool Bunk Beds For Boys

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Next up we have this Henry Bunk Bed with Storage, which is one of the classiest looking bunk beds for boys you’ll ever see. They have used quality, nice looking wood to create this bed (three colors available).

They really have done an amazing job in making this a classy looking bed. One of the cool features is that instead of a ladder, there are actual steps going up the side of the bed! Those steps can used for storage as well!

The top bunk has slats that give the bed a lot of style and charm. The bottom bunk also provides loads of storage. Thanks to two large drawers under the bed which can come in handy for toys, clothes or anything else that is laying on his bedroom floor.

If you’re looking for a bed that has a classic, kind of Scandinavian look to it than this could be the one!

  •  Sophisticated classic design
  •  Steps instead of a ladder
  •  Available in three different colors
  •  Made of strong wood
  •  Loads and loads of storage

Kids Camo Tent Twin Loft Bunk Bed with Slide

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You will struggle to find a more action packed bed than this Kids Camo Tent Twin Loft Bunk Bed with Slide. The bed has a really cool camo design and a tent (with hidden windows) which is great for undercover operations.

There is a ladder on one side of the bed and there’s also a slide for a rapid response when the enemy is near. Under the bed, he can hide a ton of his toys and other things. This bed is perfect if you want a bed that is fun and full of action!

  • Cool Camo design
  • Awesome play tent
  • Ladder and slide
  • Lots of storage underneath the bed

Fire Truck Twin Bunk Bed

Fire Truck Twin over Twin Bunk Bed - Cool Bunk Beds For Boys

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Now here we have one awesome bed! The Fire Truck Twin Bunk Bed is perfect for a boy who loves cars, trucks, buses, and anything that has wheels! They have done a great job making this look like a real fire truck, the bed even has wheels. No doubt they will have a lot of fun pretending they are driving a firetruck.

This fire truck bunk bed is pretty feature stacked. The bottom bunk allows for extra storage in the “hood” of the fire truck and there’s a little shelf right at the back for things like toys and books. The top bunk even has its own shelf so they can keep things they want close.

For a little boy, this fire truck bunk bed is a dream!

  •  It is a firetruck!
  •  Lots of storage options
  •  The bed is very well made with a strong steel frame
  •  Little boys will really, really love this

Loft Bunk Bed With Desk and Bookcase

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The Loft Bunk Bed Over Desk and Bookcase is a really cool and modern looking loft bunk bed. It is ideal for a boy who is a little older and who wants something that is “cooler”. With that in mind, you can see he will get many years of use out of this and never feel too old for it.

This loft bunk bed is made of strong steel with a nice finish. Under the bed, there is a lot of storage to play with, there’s three large shelves that can hold a ton of stuff and the area underneath can be used for storage too.

The other side of the bed features a desk that’s great for homework, a computer or a games console, there’s an extra shelf here too. If you want to maximize the space in his bedroom, this bed is a great way to do it.

  • Has a really cool and modern design
  • Desk for doing homework
  • Loads of storage
  • Strong steel construction

Tennyson Modern Metal Bunk Bed

Tennyson Modern Bunk Bed - Bunk Beds For Boys

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The Tennyson Modern Bunk Bed definitely is one of the most eye catching bunk beds for boys on this list. The contemporary design with its thick steel frame makes it look different to any other kids bunk bed on this list.

The gunmetal finish looks really cool and grown up which means he will not feel too old for this after just a couple of years. The bottom bunk is very clever in that while it is a bed, you can actually convert it into a desk if that is more useful for you. If you do keep it as a bed, you can use that area underneath for storage.

In total there are four ladders on this bed, two on each side so you can place it anywhere in the room and there will be a ladder that he can use.

  •  Really smart design
  •  Made of thick and strong steel
  •  Gunmetal finish looks awesome
  •  Ideal for boys who are a bit older

Boys Twin over Twin Bunk Bed

Blue Twin over Twin Bunk Bed - Bunk Beds For Boys

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Last on our list of cool bunk beds for boys is this stylish twin over twin bunk bed. While this is a bunk bed, the two beds can actually be separated and used as single beds. This is a nice touch and ideal if you are buying this for siblings who decide they need their own space at a later date.

When you take a closer look at the bed, you notice the cool arch design and how well it’s made. The safety slats on the top bunk have a kind of “picket fence” look to it, giving the bed lots of character. This boys bunk bed is comfortable, cute and made to last. It offers all you want in a bunk bed! Available in 3 colors.

  • Arch design at head and foot looks lovely
  • Beds can be separated in to two single beds
  • Available in three colors: Seafoam Blue, Yellow and Pink
  • Made of quality wood

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