The Best Educational Websites For Kids – Sites That Make Learning Fun!

The Best Educational Websites For Kids - Sites That Make Learning Fun!

This week we have been reviewing the best educational websites for kids. Kids these days seem to be born with the ability to go online with a tablet, PC or whatever. It is pretty crazy to think how much things have changed since we were kids.

Anyway as a parent it can be really hard to know what sites are safe, educational and fun for your kids. Well it used to be, you see today we are sharing with you ten of the very best educational websites for kids. Do not worry these are not boring sites either! These are sites that are actually a lot of fun as well.

National Geographic Kids

The first on our list of best educational websites for kids is National Geographic Kids which is a truly fantastic site. What makes this such a great place for kids is the vast amount of cool educational areas on the site. Your child can learn about cool things like the top ten biggest animals, interesting facts about the arctic and other fun stuff.

They really do a great job in making learning about the world be a lot of fun. As well as this though, National Geographic Kids also has some fun games for your kids to play.

Now they will not be mowing people down in cars or blowing up buildings. But they will be having fun playing games like SpongeBob’s Karate Contest! That is right they even have SpongeBob on here. In all this is a site where our kids will be safe, have fun and also learn a few things.

Cool Math

Ugh math, that is not fun! Is what you will hear when you suggest this site to your kids, but Cool Math is a really fun site. Many schools all over the world use this as a way to help make math more understandable and actually fun!

Math can be hard, math can be boring, but this site through their lessons and most importantly their games make learning math much more approachable and fun.

We know that this is going to be a hard sell to some kids, but we cannot stress enough how much this site is going to help your kids learn and understand math.

Mourn and Slime Laboratory are two of the best games on the site and games that help your child learn, but they do it in a way so that your child does not realize they are learning while they are playing.

The Kidz Page

The Kidz Page is a website that has hundreds and hundreds of free games for your kids to play. This site may not be as “educational” as the first two sites we just mentioned. But the games that are on here will help your child with things like reading, basic counting, shapes, sounds and so on.

There is a lot for them to do on this site and if you are looking for something to keep them entertained then this site will keep them occupied. We feel that The Kidz Page is perfect if you have younger children as most of the content on here is for kids who are 3-5 years of age. But even older kids could still have fun with the coloring pages and the games on here.


Anyone who has kids who like to play online is sure to know about Starfall. This is regarded as one of the best educational websites for kids as it has a monster amount of educational content.

What we love about Starfall is that it not only makes learning fun thanks to the many different games and activities. It is the way the activities progress. Your child can start with simple games that will teach them letter recognition and then build up to things where they are reading full stories!

This is a way to make learning fun and as a parent you will get a real kick out of watching your child learn as they are playing. Starfall is a site ideal for preschool aged kids, but even older kids who are struggling a bit will be able to jump on here and improve their reading and comprehension skills.

ABC Mouse

Ok so this is a site that does have a subscription, but the reason we have put ABC Mouse on here is that they do offer a free 30 day trial. ABC Mouse has just a ton of content. They have books that your child can read or listen to. There are games, coloring pages and a ton of learning activities.

What makes this such an awesome site is the fact that it was made by teachers and people who know kids. You can actually track your child’s progress as they play the games and do the activities. You can see what they are excelling in and what they are struggling with.

The site will make it easy for you to suggest games and activities to your child that will help them in areas they need a little extra help in. If you do want to subscribe to the site after the 30 day trial it is around 10 bucks a month, which for the amount of content is not that bad at all.

Sesame Street – Best Educational Websites For Kids

Now this is old school! The Sesame Street site is just so adorable that you will struggle not to shove your kids off the computer and play yourself! Kids love Sesame Street and if you have any preschool kids in your house then they will simply adore this site.

Sesame Street has been teaching kids through fun for generations and with this site Grover, Elmo, Big Bird and even The Count will help your child learn as they play. There is a lot to do on Sesame Street. They can color in pictures, play fun games or take part in learning activities.

The Cookie Games, Elmo’s World, Big Bird’s Basketball and Story Book Builder are just a few of the games that while fun also teach your kids about things like counting, animals and the world in general.

Baby TV

Baby TV is a fantastic site that features hours and hours of different videos for your kids to watch. These are aimed at preschool aged kids and while fun they will learn about shapes, sounds, numbers, animals and all other kinds of important stuff that they will be learning about in school.

There’s also a nice amount of online games for them to play. These are pretty simple games that will be easy for younger kids to get to grips with. Baby TV is a very easy to use site so after a few times using it with you, your child will play and watch things on their own.

Nick Jr

We know that some of you may be thinking there’s no way Nick Jr is going to offer much in the way of educational value, but your kids will certainly be learning as they play around on the Nick Jr site. The Nick Jr site features games based on all your kids favorite shows.

We must say that Nick Jr is more about fun than learning, but do not let that put you off letting your kids spend an hour or two on here.

When you child clicks on a character or show they like, Paw Patrol for example they then can watch videos, play games and take part in educational activities. Nick Jr is a really fun site and one that is much more educational than you would think.

Discovery Kids

Next on our list of best educational websites for kids we find Discovery Kids which is the perfect site if you have kids aged 5 and up. One thing that we really liked about Discovery Kids is the cool videos that they have. Videos like ”Are Lemon Sharks Really Yellow” ”What Would Happen If You Fell In A Black Hole” and ”See The Best Of Dinosaurs” are just a few of the videos we thought were really awesome.

There is a great range of subjects here from science to history so your child really will have the opportunity to learn a lot when they are using this site. As well as having lots of videos there is also a good selection of games on here.

Games like Creepy Bugs are not just a blast to play but they are also educational. Discovery Kids is a site that we could see ourselves playing on for an hour or two, let alone the kids!

Disney Junior – Best Educational Websites For Kids

What we have with Disney Junior is a site that is very similar to the Nick Jr site. There is lots and lots of videos on here. Disney Junior really does go all out as pretty much every show that is on Disney Junior has some kind of video, game and activity on the site.

What we like about this is that many of the videos do actually have educational value. There is some awesome Mickey Mouse Clubhouse videos that teach about counting, animals and other cool things.

Also as your kids will be dealing with their favorite Disney characters like Mickey Mouse or Doc McStuffin they will be much more willing to sit, listen and learn. We feel that Disney Junior is the kind of site that is perfect if your child is not yet ready for some of the more educational sites that are out there.

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